Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Artists Create, Great Artists Inspire

It’s never been a concern of mine that someone else’s art may be based on anything that I’ve originated. First, considering all the generations that have gone before, it’s highly unlikely that I am the first person to think or create everything that I do. Second, I truly believe that artists building upon each other’s knowledge as inspiration does nothing but propel both art and beauty to the next level, and moves this universe forward in a positive sense.

I make the following distinction, however, between being inspired and copying. It’s never all right to copy someone else’s artistic endeavors verbatim and claim them as your own. Nor is it good to show up at the next art show exhibiting exactly what your partner from the last show had for sale.  Yet, there is no shame or reason to hide being inspired. When we look at the masters, some borrowed from one another copiously, and yet found their own voice, their own style. Occasionally the student does become the master.

I can’t think of a greater compliment than someone saying that my art made them feel happy, comforted, or best of all inspired. I love to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that others can enjoy the satisfaction that creativity gives.

Creativity is part of the collective consciousness and a integral part of being human. When I get in the groove, whether painting, making music or any kind of artistic activity, it’s almost as though an outside force is flowing through me and guiding my hand. It’s as if I have reached up and dipped my hand in a powerful flow and allowed myself to be taken along for the ride. That’s when art feels right. And, this river is not my private domain, it belongs to everyone.

So, reach up, connect, feel the flow – and create.